Data Extraction & Import into Kwara.

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Download the Excel template

Please download and use this template to organise your data from your existing platform - Find a pre-filled version of the same template here


The format of the data must be kept intact, please paste special with "only data" and have no Formulas in the cells.

Date cells should always be in dd.MM.yyyy format. Other formats, such as 3.4.2001 or =DATE("2001,3,4") will not pass validation.

Only .xlsx files are accepted for the validation process. Please make sure the file you upload is not in .xls format.

Input fields have set character limits. Fields that contain EntityIDs have a max of 32 characters; other input fields that usually contain text have a max of 255 characters.

Excel files need to be smaller than 5mb to be able to be imported successfully, if your file is larger please split it in different 5mb tranches.


Fill in the Data

The template can be either manually filled from your old system or you can use mapping tools.

Each sheet contains specific field validations (please review the extensive validations) to ensure data is entered correctly. Examples include: mandatory fields that cannot be empty, certain date formats allowed with/without timestamp, a specific length that is allowed, and specific syntax for references between entities (e.g. branch-center-client).

For custom fields, validations are based on the type of the custom field:

Custom fields can be seen as required fields or fields that need to have specific pattern or length.

Please be Aware - The Loan Accounts state field is case sensitive. The following values are allowed (Pending Approval, Approved, Rejected, Withdrawn, Written Off, Closed, Active) otherwise the account state will be seen as invalid.

Date fields support only the format dd.MM.yyyy, regardless of the date format set on the tenant. Any other date format used is considered invalid.

Member/Clients tab

Here you'll find all the fields you need to fill in with your clients data, including any custom fields you've created before.

Mandatory fields are in bold text below.

Loan Accounts

Mandatory fields are in bold text below.

Loan Transactions

For organizations that are trying to recreate their original loan schedules and full transaction history, it is possible to import past transactions.

Mandatory fields are in bold text below.

Savings Accounts

Mandatory fields are in bold text below.

Validate the excel file and import your data

Once your data is saved, please share the file with your Kwara customer success manager and the data will be imported into your Sacco's Kwara instance.

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