1. Search for the member created and Navigate to the loan account

  2. Click on the view Loan account and on the More button at the top Select Refinance

  3. Configure the refinanced loan

  4. Enter a new principal amount, Choose the purpose, and Enter new duration where applicable

  5. Click the next button and choose the mode of repayment

  6. Click next and select the mode of disbursement

  7. Click next and enter guarantor information

  8. Review your details in the next window and click the submit button to log in the new loan

  9. Navigate back to the member account and find the pending loan account

  10. Review the loan and approve

  11. Navigate back to the member profile and find the Approved loan account

  12. Select the Approved loan and disburse.

  13. Navigate back to the member account(Note the original loan account is in Closed refinanced status)

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