• On the banking engine's dashboard click on the Deposits tab, select All deposit transactions

  • In the table below, select Add new filter

  • Give the new filter a name (e.g as shown in the screenshot). 

  • You can also make the filter available to other users (with permissions to access the function) by checking the Shared filter checkbox

  • Add the filter variables that are required for the report e.g  


Save the report by clicking on Save changes button - Kwara will generate the report for you.

You can also edit the columns to showcase desired info by clicking on the edit column button (second row, top right). 

This will give you the options to add extra columns or rearrange the columns as desired

 e.g You can rearrange the columns (dragging the columns on the list) and add additional ones to have a final column rearrangement as follows:

When you Apply Changes, this becomes the output

You can export the results to excel by clicking on the excel button on the top right side of the screen.

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