A sacco staff member (with the appropriate user-role permissions) can perform a batch upload through the following steps:

  • Log into https://app.kwara.com/

  • On the member page, click on the email address at the uppermost top right part of the page

  • Click on batch uploads in the drop down menu 

  •  On the page that loads click on the upload button

  • Download the batch upload template

  • Add the member details and the various amounts being transacted for the different accounts. Once you have added your data to the template, upload the document and submit  

  • The batch upload will change status to importing

  • The uploader will receive an email notification once the upload is complete with validation error messages should there be an issue to resolve

Please note - The batch upload feature will only apply the transactions to existing member accounts within the platform. In the case that a member account does not exist or their name has been associated with the wrong account, the transactions will fail and the uploader will receive an email notifying them of the same.

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