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How to approve a loan application
How to approve a loan application
Quick guide on how to approve a loan application
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  • Go to the Loans page and scroll down to the Loans account list

  • Click on a member whose loan status is in a pending state 

  • On the loan overview page you can see at a glance the key details of the loan application - loan amount, applicant details, security provided and any supporting documents

Click on the review button to review the loan application detail breakdown

  • The first page provides info on the loan application amount, the security offered, the supporting documents, the repayment mode chosen and the preferred loan disbursement method by the applicant

The applicant details page contains the following:

  • The savings accounts and deposit transaction records

  • The member’s existing loan accounts (if any) and repayment transaction history

  • The member’s profile info

  • The member’s accounts’ activities

The credit check page allows you to check the members credit rating from Metropol (this feature requires your sacco to be connected with metropol)

  • On the summary review page you can approve the loan application by clicking on the approve button

  • Provide the (optional) disbursement date for the loan and the expected first repayment date

Click on 


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