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How to use the savings overview dashboard
How to use the savings overview dashboard
A quick guide on how to view the savings overview dashboard
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A sacco staff member (with the appropriate user-role permissions) can view the savings overview dashboard(s) through the following steps:

Go to the savings page, at the top of the page, one can view the overview metrics for the sacco’s savings portfolio:

  • Total savings - sum total of member savings

  • Accrued interest - sum total of member accrued interest

  • Frequency of savings  - Average frequency of savings across the sacco members

  • Average deposit per member - Average total savings deposits for the sacco’s members

These metrics are meant to inform at a glance how the sacco is performing.
To see the overall metrics for an individual savings account:

  • Scroll down to the savings account list and click on a member with an account in active status

At the top of the savings account page you will see the overview metrics for that account, this includes:

  • Savings product - This is the savings product being looked at

  • Interest rate - The interest rate generated by the product

  • Minimum deposit - The minimum accepted deposit per installment

  • Minimum opening balance - The minimum amount required to open the account

  • Member ID - The member ID for whom the saving’s account belongs to

  • Member name - The name of the member who owns the account

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