A sacco staff member (with the appropriate user-role permissions) can view the member dashboard(s) through the following steps:

At the top section of the member page, one can view the overview metrics for the sacco:

  • Active members - sum total of active members

  • Active loans - sum total of active loans

  • Active savings - sum total of active savings

  • Share capital - Total share capital

  • These metrics are meant to inform at a glance how the sacco is performing

  • To see the overall metrics for an individual

  • Scroll down to the member list and click on a member with an account in active status

The member profile page will open and at the top of the page you will see the overview metrics for that member, this includes:

  • Deposits - Sum total of member deposits

  • Loans - Sum total member loans

  • Eligible amount - Loan eligibility status and amount eligible for

  • Share capital amount - Sum total of member share capital

  • Guarantor - Shows if the member is a guarantor (Yes/No)

  • Credit score - Member credit scoreĀ 

  • Mobile - Member mobile number

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