A sacco staff member (with the appropriate user-role permissions) can view and use the member list by following these steps:

Click on the Filter by status dropdown to choose an option to filter the list by. The following options are available:

  • Pending - State when a new member application is under evaluation

  • Inactive - In this state the member has no “Active” loans or savings accounts

  • Active - In this state a member has at least one “Active” or “In Arrears” loan or savings account

  • Rejected - A member account which doesn’t pass the evaluation can be “Rejected”. The member account will be stored in the system as “Rejected”, and the reason for rejection can be stored in the Notes as well, for future reference

  • Exited - Any “Inactive” client who doesn’t have any active accounts can be “Exited”. Once in this state it won't be possible to create new accounts for this client or assign them as a guarantor. It is possible to “undo” exit

  • Blacklisted - Any “Pending Approval”, “Inactive” or “Active” member can be “Blacklisted”. It's not possible to open new accounts for a blacklisted client, or assign them as guarantors.

  • Once you choose a filter type, the member list will display the member accounts that match the filter status.

  • You can then proceed and execute any actions on the member in question 

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