A Sacco staff member (with the appropriate user-role permissions) can approve members through the following steps:

  • Log in to https://app.kwara.com/

  • On the member page, scroll down to the member list & look for a member whose membership is under a Pending status

  • Click on a member whose account is under pending status 

  • An overview of the membership application will open, Scroll down till the last part and click on I confirm the member's joining fee was received

  • Then click on the approve button

  • A member approval wizard will open, which will prompt you to set up the member's account.

  • Click on the share capital account and set up the member's savings account.

  • Configure the member’s account as desired on each section. Proceed by clicking on the Next button

  • Review all the inputs on the summary page of the approval wizard

  • Click on the approve button

  • On the members' page, scroll down to the List of Members Accounts and you'll see the member's account status has been updated to Active

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